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DWI Lawyers in St. Louis MO

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DWI or driving while intoxicated carries stiff penalties in the state of Missouri. When you are arrested for such an offense, call on Fluhr & Moore LLC in St. Louis, Missouri, for expert assistance from DWI lawyers. In addition, our law firm of criminal attorneys is experienced and knowledgeable in fighting narcotics/drug charges on your behalf. Call us for a free initial consultation.

Drunk Driving: St. Louis & Surrounding Cities

An adult who is driving a car with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.08 or more receives a ticket for DWI. If the driver is younger than 21, then he or she is ticketed when the blood alcohol level (BAC) is 0.02 or more. If your blood alcohol level (BAC) is less than the legal limit you may still receive a ticket if drugs are suspected or other special circumstances exist. The sooner you contact a lawyer the better.

When arrested, contact a reputable law firm immediately. It is well worth your time and money to retain Fluhr & Moore LLC to represent you when the stakes are so high. Depending on your prior alcohol contacts the penalties could include:

  •  Jail and/or Prison Time
  •  Fines
  •  Court Costs
  •  License Suspension or Revocation
  • Alcohol Testing & Screening
  •  Alcohol Education
  •  Probation
  •  Installment of an Ignition
  •  Interlock Device
Drinking and Driving in St. Louis, MO

DWI: St. Louis City - Maplewood  - Olivette & Florissant MO

It is essential for you to have a complete and thorough understanding of DWI laws or retain attorneys who do. Almost everyone charged with DWI is given an administrative suspension, if they took the test and the result was over .08. They have 15 days after the arrest to request a hearing. If you fail to request a hearing in a timely manor your license is suspended automatically.

Lesser Drunk Driving Charges: Ladue & University City MO

Lawyers who are knowledgeable in this area of the law can sometimes obtain a reduction in the charge or other favorable disposition. Fluhr and Moore, LLC are knowledgeable with how the various Breath Testing Machines work, Field Sobriety test standards, maintenance requirements, medical defenses, rising alcohol defenses, etc.

Drugs & Driving in Hazelwood - Pagedale & Hanley Hills MO

Driving while under the influence of drugs is a crime in Missouri as well as other states in the nation.  The common name given to such a charge is DUID. This charge covers driving under the influence of drugs that include narcotics and other illegal substances, as well as over-the-counter and prescription medication. DUI consequences are similar to those for DWI, and charges of possession also may apply. This is why is it so important to have professional legal representation from Fluhr & Moore LLC right from the beginning. Generally it is a good idea to never admit to taking any medication if you are stopped and investigated for DWI.  In addition, it is hard to prove DUID unless the arresting officer has special training.

Marijuana in St. Louis, MO

Criminal Attorneys in St. Louis

Missouri judges and courts take charges of drug possession seriously and the penalties are harsh. This is why you require Fluhr & Moore LLC's criminal attorneys, who know the law and the system, to defend you effectively.
Penalties for Drug Possession in St. Louis MO
For the most part, drug possession charges fall under the heading of a Class C felony, which carries a maximum of 7 years in jail and a $5,000 fine. For a marijuana conviction, which is a Class A misdemeanor, the penalty is 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Narcotics Charges in St. Louis & Surrounding Cities

 Drug charges are not something you can fight by yourself. As the laws are complicated and penalties are strict, you require expert criminal attorneys for your defense against charges involving illegal substances. Such substances include:

  •  Marijuana
  •  Methamphetamines
  •  Cocaine
  •  Heroin
  •  Ecstasy
  •  Mushrooms

Defense against Narcotics Charges in St. Louis

Getting arrested on drug charges is only the beginning. For conviction, proof of 2 items are required. It is up to the state to prove that officers found an illegal substance and that it belonged to you. This leaves a number of effective defense strategies that Fluhr & Moore LLC can employ for a verdict of not guilty or a favorable disposition.

 Contact us today to defend you against DWI or narcotics charges. We put our 65 years of experience to work for you! We proudly serve St. Louis, St. Louis City, Maplewood, Olivette, Florissant, Ladue, Hazelwood, Pagedale, Hanley Hills, and University City, Missouri.