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When you need a law firm to represent you in personal injury, criminal law, business litigation or bankruptcy cases, turn to Fluhr & Moore LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Our distinguished law firm stands behind you with 65 combined years of experience.

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As attorneys, we specialize in particular types of law. Our law firm brings our expertise to legal matters pertaining to injuries, drinking while intoxicated, crime, business and bankruptcy. Having an expert represent you means you have a better chance for the resolution that you seek. Our law firm represents clients in cases concerning:

 Personal Injury  Criminal Law  Business Litigation

 Bankruptcy Law


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We pride ourselves on our integrity. When you speak with one of us, it is our pledge that you receive honest advice, benefiting from our decades of legal experience. Our law firm does not seek to profit by misleading you. With our clients, it always is a win-win situation. A successful outcome for you is a successful outcome for us.

Free, Initial Consultation on All Services except Divorce
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Seek our law firm for legal representation and advice when you are:

 Involved in an Injury Accident
 Accused of a Crime
 Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated 
 Accused of a Drug Crime

 Involved in Litigation over Commercial and Business Matters
 Dealing with Municipal Law
 Facing Bankruptcy
 In Need of Estate Planning and Probate


About Us

The law firm of Fluhr & Moore LLC of St. Louis, Missouri, is comprised of two experienced and knowledgeable attorneys,  Steven S. Fluhr, Esq., and Stephen C. Moore, Esq. On a popular Internet site that rates lawyers,®, both attorneys received the highest possible rating—5 out of 5. These are the attorneys you want on your side.

Between the two attorneys, they boast 65 years of experience. In practical terms, that means they know the courts and the laws, and use this expertise to win your case. For your peace of mind, our law firm is licensed and insured.

Contact us today for legal representation with integrity. Our law firm Fluhr & Moore is licensed and insured. We proudly serve St. Louis,
St. Louis City, Maplewood, Olivette, Florissant, Ladue, Hazelwood, Pagedale, Hanley Hills, and University City, Missouri.